The Philippines: Part 2

Welcome to itslilgirlkeem!

To fill new readers in, I am currently working on blogging about my trip to the Philippines last summer. This blog will feature my mom’s side of the Philippines.

Next stop: Davao City

Davao is where the president of the Philippines is originally from and it is known as the DURIAAAAAN CITTTTTY! Durian is a fruit that comes from the word duri which means “spike” in the Malay-Indonesian language. It has a distinctive smell which is quite strong, but it definitely tastes better than it smells. It sucks because there is no fresh durian here in Canada, butΒ they occasionally sell frozen ones in asian stores!

The picture on the left is a coconut! Another tropical fruit and one of my favourites. Unlike the durian you can find coconuts almost anywhere in Canada but the quality will never be the same as fresh coconuts. (Check out ma supa kewl dragon henna! HAHA)

Next Stop: Kidapawan City

THE BIRTHPLACE! I was born in this city 20 years ago and I still know the doctor that helped my dear mother give birth to the cutest baby girl this world has ever seen (me). I have relatives that run a hotel business in this city and I was given the opportunity to help their kitchen staff and learn about filipino dishes. I have videos on my youtube channel featuring some cooking tutorials:

if you ever want to check it out. πŸ™‚

The picture you see on the left is native bbq chicken and oh my days it is mouthwatering. It is paired with a magic sauce that has secret ingredients they wouldn’t share with me. 😦 It’s okay I respect their privacy but I’ll figure it out someday.

And then on the right you see the infamous HALO-HALO! Which means “mixed together”. It is made out of shaved ice topped with everything you can think of such as, coconut, tapioca, jelly, ice cream and milk just to name a few. It is a colourful dish and is a signature dessert of the Philippines!

I dream of having my own restaurant someday, and whoever reads my blogs will be joining me on my food adventures and my journey to achieve my dream! ❀ Someday my restaurant will be inspired by the Philippines cuisine and the authenticity of my culture. Ayyyy! #ChefHerrerainthemaking

Thanks for reading! See you in my next blog. πŸ™‚



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