The Philippines: Part 1


Welcome to lilgirlkeem!

So I’m not sure what happened but I accidentally pressed something and my blog about the Philippines disappeared.

Anyways… Let’s try this again!

As some of you know I am a Filipino girl and I had an opportunity to travel back home last summer for a church mission trip. Prior to the mission part of the trip, I stopped by the places my parents are from. Which were Kidapawan City, and Laiya, Batangas.

This was my first time travelling alone to a different country and I was really excited to explore the Philippines by myself and eat amazing cultural food.

My first stop on my trip was my father’s place. I went to Batangas and Cavite.

First stop: Bacoor, Cavite

Bacoor is where my relatives live, and my cousins go to school in Manila which is about an hour an a half commute (maybe more with traffic) from Bacoor. The traffic in Metro Manila is CRAZY. The cars are literally an inch apart. A three lane freeway would become five. Lol, it’s not a fun time.

Left Picture: Sari- Sari Store

On the left you see a picture of me holding a plastic bag, but it’s not just any plastic bag its a bag with a drink! It’s really common in the Philippines to put your pop or soft drink in a plastic bag with a straw in it. Instead of drinking out of the bottle, people would transfer their drinks into a plastic bag.

The picture is taken at a sari- sari store, which is also known as a neighbourhood convince store. You can find this store in every corner! They sell everything from diapers to fruits depending on how big the store is. My auntie owns a sari-sari store and it was a pretty cool experience, because you can never find one in Canada. Lol.

Right Picture: Brickwood Cafe, Bacoor

MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD! Check out the two intense dessert milkshakes from Brickwood Cafe! MATCHA MADNESS AND CARAMEL MONSTER!
I went with my cousins and we ordered nachos, cheese fries and street foods! Unfortunately, we got really excited and didn’t take any pictures of the food. You can see our leftovers in my vlog on youtube:Β

The atmosphere was really relaxing. It has a rustic theme with lights hanging around the cafe and good music. I didn’t think about taking picture about the place, but it was a cute cafe! πŸ™‚

Next Stop: Laiya, Batangas

Blue Coral Resort

This is my first time travelling without my parents so my budget is not the greatest, but Blue Coral Resort was not bad AT ALL! The beach was gorgeous and the staff was friendly. I tried to wake up really early to be able to catch the sunrise, and I sort of caught it… sort of. I mean the sun rises at like 5:30am! Who wakes up that early on a vacation?! It was worth it though. There was nothing better than waking up to the fresh sea breeze and the smell of the ocean. #IamMoana

If you knew me I am obsessed with Moana and she slays the island and water. I aspire to be like her, except I don’t know how to swim. HAHAHA! Anyways, Blue Coral was amazing, and I could live by the beach forever.

In additional to waking up early, I was able to get some taho! Taho is basically a silken or soft tofu drowned in sweetener. It’s amazing! You can usually catch the taho vendors during the mornings and certain times in the afternoon. They would walk around neighbourhoods or in my case the beach yelling, “Tahoooooooo! Tahoooooo!” It is one of my favourite snacks and very well known in the Philippines and Asia.

For breakfast I had tapsilog. The word tapsilog comes from the root word Tapa, which means heat. In this case I had beef tapa with garlic rice and fried egg. Super simple dish, yet quite delicious! I love tapsilog! It’s one of my favourite breakfast but it could be eaten all day not just for breakfast.

Well that concludes my first official blog post. I will be starting all the way from my roots and my culture. That way everyone who read this will be educated about the Philippines and the food! Haha, anyways hope this blog was entertaining. πŸ™‚

To be continued…


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