The carnival that ate my money: Kdays

20562803_10213444473524150_1504968771_nWelcome back to itslilgirlkeem!

Summer in Edmonton is always eventful, because there are festivals back to back! This blog will be about Klondike Days a.k.a. Kdays for short!

As a foodie, I obviously wanted to try as much food as I could at Kdays, but everyone knows that carnival food is NOT CHEAP. AT ALL. I wanted to try everything, but I had to be practical and just tried a few.

  1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice

“Over the rainbow” by Hula Hut

This is a new food vendor at Kdays! It specializes in Hawaiian shaved ice and tropical drinks as well. I tried the “Over the rainbow” flavour and the whipped cream are the clouds! Inside the shaved ice is vanilla ice cream as well. I thought it would taste like a typical shaved ice, but the ice cream and whipped cream made it way better. Innovation at its finest! Haha.

2. The infamous turkey leg


$20 Turkey Leg LOL

What is a carnival without a turkey leg???? This is my first time trying a turkey leg! It was marinated with BBQ sauce and was super juicy and meaty, but quite overpriced in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed it, but not sure if it’s worth $20 just for just one turkey leg. These carnivals really know how to take our money!!!!!

3. Them Hawt Dawgs


The “Japadog” from Fhat Dawgs

There a few hotdog joints here in Edmonton that are delicious! I personally love It’ Dog and Fat Franks, but there are so much more that I have yet to try. This is a food truck called Fhat Dawgs, and I tried their “Japadog”. It is a Japanese inspired hot dog with soy sauce, caramelized onions, mayo and seaweed. Sounds pretty simple, but tastes amazing. Another new favourite for me!

4. Coffee for dessert? Uh yes please.


White mocha ogopogo

So this is the Ogopogo concession and it’s been at K-days for a while now, but I didn’t notice it until this year! It’s fresh brewed French roast coffee infused into vanilla cake batter and paired with a topping of your choice, icing sugar and a smooth espresso glaze! I copied and pasted that description right from the K-days website. I don’t think that’s plagiarism cause I put it in my own words. LOL.

I choose the white mocha topping, because it sounded really good. It turned out to be super sweet, but still tasted amazing. I couldn’t finish it all myself cause it was way to sweet for one person. It was $10 with the iced cappuccino, but $8 just for the ogopogo! So it’s not too bad, although it’s still on the pricier side of things.


Behind the scenes. Taking food pictures IS NOT EASY.


5. Watch me whip


Serving me whiiiiiiip

I am not a huge fan of pineapple… unless it’s on pizza. I heard good things about pineapple whip, so I decided to give it a shot. Pretty worth if for $6! It was soft and not too sweet. It’s like eating clouds. I don’t know how to describe the whip, but it’s a nice soft that melts in your mouth. Haha.


Pineapple whip from the Soft Serve concession

6. I donut regret this


I ended the night with a bucket of mini donuts. Yep. That’s how you do it. Probably got cavities from all the sweets a tried, but it was all worth it!

I guess that concludes this food blog. I tried a few other things from K-days, but forgot to take pictures. These are the main food that I really enjoyed so I had to write about them. Hope you enjoyed reading! ❀



Snow in Summer

Welcome back to itslilgirlkeem!

It’s currently summer in Edmonton, and there are some days that is +30 and some rainy days that are quite cold…but there is always room for cold desserts in the summer.
Let me introduce you to Snowy Dessert in Edmonton! Definitely one of the best places I’ve been for desserts in Edmonton.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.06.07 AM

Mango Cheese Bingsu

Snowy Dessert is a Korean dessert cafe located in Whyte Avenue. They specialize in Bingsu, which is a korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings! It’s the Korean version of the Filipino “halo-halo”. I order the mango cheese… OH MAN IT WAS SO GOOD YO! There are plenty of other flavours, but I’m lowkey trying to get abs and this dessert is not helping so I only got one flavour. Haha

I highly recommend it, but Snowy Village not quite fully open. It’s still a soft opening and have yet to have a grand opening, but it’s open for business! It’s a small place, but they offer take out. I learned that the bingsu is good for an hour after it’s made! They have really cute takeout bags that keep the bingsu cold as well.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.05.28 AMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.05.37 AM

I hope you enjoy this short blog post. I’m still bad at these blogs, but it’s a start! I also started an instagram page dedicated to my food adventures! Check it out at

Stay tuned for more food blogs soon! ❀

Singapore, Singapore

20160722_195039Welcome welcome to itslilgirlkeem!

I am actually horrible at keeping up with this blog. I apologize once again. Here goes another attempt!


On today’s blog, it will contain MY FAVOURITE DISH IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE…. *drumroll*

H A I N A N E S E  C H I C K E N  R I C E !!!


Look how amazing that looks.
Hainanese chicken rice is considered one of Singapore’s national dishes! It originally came from Chinese influence, and is now known in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is found all around Singapore from coffee shops, to food courts and restaurants. I could honestly eat it every meal.
The chicken is boiled or roasted and the rice is cooked in a rich flavour. I have no idea how to explain it, but it is such a simple dish but flavourful.

As some of you know I grew up in Singapore, and lived there for about nine years. It was a great experience travelling alone and visiting Singapore as an adult. (Not really an adult) It’s quite eye opening, and compared to a lot of cities, Singapore is a first world country. They are a very technologically advance country. In additional to that, there are skyscrapers everywhere and the architecture is beautiful. The downside to Singapore is that it’s quite expensive haha.

Anyways, back to the food. Check out this cafe called Selfie Coffee Singapore!

Daaaaaang we taste good. Lol. How does it work? Well they take a picture of you in their special app and I guess the picture transfers over to the coffee machine and draws it on the foam? I’m not quite sure actually because they didn’t want to tell me how it works. BUT IT’S SO COOL! It was almost too attractive to drink.

This is going to be a short blog. I ate way too much to talk about it all on here. I have vlogs on my trip as well, and like I said before it’s all on youtube: Keem Herrera


GO VISIT SINGAPORE! Thanks for reading! ❀

The Philippines: Part 2

Welcome to itslilgirlkeem!

To fill new readers in, I am currently working on blogging about my trip to the Philippines last summer. This blog will feature my mom’s side of the Philippines.

Next stop: Davao City

Davao is where the president of the Philippines is originally from and it is known as the DURIAAAAAN CITTTTTY! Durian is a fruit that comes from the word duri which means “spike” in the Malay-Indonesian language. It has a distinctive smell which is quite strong, but it definitely tastes better than it smells. It sucks because there is no fresh durian here in Canada, butΒ they occasionally sell frozen ones in asian stores!

The picture on the left is a coconut! Another tropical fruit and one of my favourites. Unlike the durian you can find coconuts almost anywhere in Canada but the quality will never be the same as fresh coconuts. (Check out ma supa kewl dragon henna! HAHA)

Next Stop: Kidapawan City

THE BIRTHPLACE! I was born in this city 20 years ago and I still know the doctor that helped my dear mother give birth to the cutest baby girl this world has ever seen (me). I have relatives that run a hotel business in this city and I was given the opportunity to help their kitchen staff and learn about filipino dishes. I have videos on my youtube channel featuring some cooking tutorials:

if you ever want to check it out. πŸ™‚

The picture you see on the left is native bbq chicken and oh my days it is mouthwatering. It is paired with a magic sauce that has secret ingredients they wouldn’t share with me. 😦 It’s okay I respect their privacy but I’ll figure it out someday.

And then on the right you see the infamous HALO-HALO! Which means “mixed together”. It is made out of shaved ice topped with everything you can think of such as, coconut, tapioca, jelly, ice cream and milk just to name a few. It is a colourful dish and is a signature dessert of the Philippines!

I dream of having my own restaurant someday, and whoever reads my blogs will be joining me on my food adventures and my journey to achieve my dream! ❀ Someday my restaurant will be inspired by the Philippines cuisine and the authenticity of my culture. Ayyyy! #ChefHerrerainthemaking

Thanks for reading! See you in my next blog. πŸ™‚


The Philippines: Part 1


Welcome to lilgirlkeem!

So I’m not sure what happened but I accidentally pressed something and my blog about the Philippines disappeared.

Anyways… Let’s try this again!

As some of you know I am a Filipino girl and I had an opportunity to travel back home last summer for a church mission trip. Prior to the mission part of the trip, I stopped by the places my parents are from. Which were Kidapawan City, and Laiya, Batangas.

This was my first time travelling alone to a different country and I was really excited to explore the Philippines by myself and eat amazing cultural food.

My first stop on my trip was my father’s place. I went to Batangas and Cavite.

First stop: Bacoor, Cavite

Bacoor is where my relatives live, and my cousins go to school in Manila which is about an hour an a half commute (maybe more with traffic) from Bacoor. The traffic in Metro Manila is CRAZY. The cars are literally an inch apart. A three lane freeway would become five. Lol, it’s not a fun time.

Left Picture: Sari- Sari Store

On the left you see a picture of me holding a plastic bag, but it’s not just any plastic bag its a bag with a drink! It’s really common in the Philippines to put your pop or soft drink in a plastic bag with a straw in it. Instead of drinking out of the bottle, people would transfer their drinks into a plastic bag.

The picture is taken at a sari- sari store, which is also known as a neighbourhood convince store. You can find this store in every corner! They sell everything from diapers to fruits depending on how big the store is. My auntie owns a sari-sari store and it was a pretty cool experience, because you can never find one in Canada. Lol.

Right Picture: Brickwood Cafe, Bacoor

MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD! Check out the two intense dessert milkshakes from Brickwood Cafe! MATCHA MADNESS AND CARAMEL MONSTER!
I went with my cousins and we ordered nachos, cheese fries and street foods! Unfortunately, we got really excited and didn’t take any pictures of the food. You can see our leftovers in my vlog on youtube:Β

The atmosphere was really relaxing. It has a rustic theme with lights hanging around the cafe and good music. I didn’t think about taking picture about the place, but it was a cute cafe! πŸ™‚

Next Stop: Laiya, Batangas

Blue Coral Resort

This is my first time travelling without my parents so my budget is not the greatest, but Blue Coral Resort was not bad AT ALL! The beach was gorgeous and the staff was friendly. I tried to wake up really early to be able to catch the sunrise, and I sort of caught it… sort of. I mean the sun rises at like 5:30am! Who wakes up that early on a vacation?! It was worth it though. There was nothing better than waking up to the fresh sea breeze and the smell of the ocean. #IamMoana

If you knew me I am obsessed with Moana and she slays the island and water. I aspire to be like her, except I don’t know how to swim. HAHAHA! Anyways, Blue Coral was amazing, and I could live by the beach forever.

In additional to waking up early, I was able to get some taho! Taho is basically a silken or soft tofu drowned in sweetener. It’s amazing! You can usually catch the taho vendors during the mornings and certain times in the afternoon. They would walk around neighbourhoods or in my case the beach yelling, “Tahoooooooo! Tahoooooo!” It is one of my favourite snacks and very well known in the Philippines and Asia.

For breakfast I had tapsilog. The word tapsilog comes from the root word Tapa, which means heat. In this case I had beef tapa with garlic rice and fried egg. Super simple dish, yet quite delicious! I love tapsilog! It’s one of my favourite breakfast but it could be eaten all day not just for breakfast.

Well that concludes my first official blog post. I will be starting all the way from my roots and my culture. That way everyone who read this will be educated about the Philippines and the food! Haha, anyways hope this blog was entertaining. πŸ™‚

To be continued…

A little girl named Keem

Welcome to Lilgirlkeem! This is my first blog post.

I am not the greatest writer, so please understand that this blog will be full of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. πŸ™‚

This is going to be my personal blog. It will be filled with food and travelling but mostly food. Occasionally maybe cool events or fashion. My life is not very interesting so when something out of normal happens I will probably write about it on here. Lol. Anyways, I will write a short bio about me in the About section if I could figure it out. WordPress was not as easy as I thought it would be. Oh well. At least I made one blog post.